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Our Swiss replica watches comes with genuine Swiss made movements that are been developed and manufactured in Switzerland exclusively by Watch factory. All our movements are calibrated and tested within COSC certification limits and lubed with 5 different types of Swiss lubricants. They are designed with improved parts for heavy, long lasting use and they are the best choice even for military grade watches. A genuine movement is used as a sample and it’s completely disassembled for cloning. movements are 100% same to original and you can install them inside a genuine case, install a genuine dial and hands on them.

Rolex Cloned Swiss Made Movements

Even if your watch is opened by a jeweler it will be almost impossible to authenticate it!  Swiss replica Rolex watches won’t only pass as a genuine on the outside but they are even replicated on the inside with our unique Swiss cloned Rolex movements. Even a well-trained jeweler will be taken in by the visual accuracy and say it’s a genuine Rolex. The movement motion of 28.000 vibrations per hour is the same fine sweep seconds hand motion as on the real Rolex.

Swiss Made Movement Replica Watches

We use special ferromagnetic alloys in the construction of our Swiss clone movements in order to combat the effects of magnetism and offer you a true Anti-Magnetic watch. These Swiss replica watches are so rare that no one knows about them. Consider yourself lucky that you found Now it’s your chance to get an inside-out undetectable Rolex Swiss replica.

Waterproof Swiss Replica Watches Swiss replica watches are professionally sealed to keep out day to day dirt with ABYSS Deep-Sea water Sealants and unique double core silicone synthetic ”O” Rings. These are made from polymer neoprene and fluorocarbon synthetic silicon which is far more resistant to cracking, corrosion and aging compared to natural rubber. Most Replica watches on the internet are fitted with simple rubber sealants which offer poor water resistance.

Panerai Swiss Replica Watches

Made for the Deep Sea Diver models come with patented ABYSS Deep-Sea Water Seals, Working Helium Release Valve and are waterproof tested and certified to a staggering 300 meters! The helium valve is to ensure that the watch can withstand the changes in pressurization inherent in diving.

Individually tested and waterproof certified!

All diver Replica watches are professionally sealed and pressure tested to 300 meters! Here at we perform some of the most extensive water resistance testings and we offer the highest level of quality control. When buying a replica watch you can rest assured that your individual watch has been thoroughly tested and certified before it’s been shipped to you.

Solid 904L-316L Stainless Steel

All replica watches are made from the identical metal that the genuine manufacturer uses. Our replica Rolex watches are forged from solid 316L or 904L medical grade super alloy stainless steel as a genuine Rolex and offers the same anti-corrosion properties.  904L steel has a higher nickel discharge and so higher resistance to sulphuric acid, rust and outstanding overall corrosion resistant properties and hardness.


Using the same steel as Rolex we achieve identical sheen on polished or satin brushed finish and every component of our Rolex replica watches is interchangeable with genuine Rolex parts.

Except Rolex all our Swiss replica watches are made by the exact same steel type that the Swiss manufacturers use for their genuine watches. This is the high grade 316L stainless steel that does not oxidize, which prevents the watch from rusting, and it is also magnetic resistant to corrosion from seawater and acidic liquids.

Identical Construction Swiss Replica watches are manufactured to the exact same dimensions as the original watch using incredible precision down to a nanometer! All watch parts inside or out of are interchanged with the genuine part. Whatever markings, engravings or features a genuine watch have you will also find on Swiss replica watches. They weight and feel exactly the same as the original watch.

Swiss Identical Patek Swiss Replica Watches

Using the same steel as the genuine watch ensures that our Swiss replica watches have the identical metal color sheen on all polished or satin brushed finish surfaces and the same smooth feel and temperature conductivity behavior as the genuine watch.  All our replicas undergo a final inspection to ensure the overall Swiss build quality.

DLC Scratch Protectant Finish

All Swiss replica watches are applied with an anti- allergic protectant finish micro DLC coating (Diamond Like Coating) that hardens protects all the steel/gold parts of your watch against scratches, corrosive chemical fluids, soap, shampoo, sweat, saltwater etc.

Dlc Coating Rolex Swiss Replica Watches

DLC coating adds a higher hardness degree to the metal surface. 904L Steel is rated to 490 Vickers, 18K Gold to 400 and our DLC coating boosts the resistance up to 7,000 Vickers. With our DLC finish our Swiss replica watches are 13x more scratch resistant than even the genuine 904L Rolex! DLC coating is chemically bonded to the metal surface and it’s 100% transparent. Only a few microns thick it doesn’t affect the look or feel of your watch but it increases the durability so it will look as new for a lifetime!

Solid 18k & Platinum Wrapped

Unlike simply gold plated or PVD replicas, Swiss replica watches feature real solid 18k gold and platinum layers wrap with Titanium Nitride layers in base. This unique “Heavy Wrap” process is NOT to be mistaken with gold plating! The gold on our watches is twice the gold content found even on a genuine Swiss Brand gold wrapped watch and so it can be polished without fade. In fact your watch will look and feel like a real solid 18K gold watch, that not even a jeweler can tell the difference and it will even test positive to an 18K gold test!

18k yelow Gold Replica Watch

Heavy Wrap is 100x more durable to simple gold plating or PVD, all of our gold watches are Heavy Wrapped with multiple layers of pure 18k Gold. It takes 4 days to apply Heavy Wrap, as each layer of solid 18k gold must cool before the next layer can be applied. The end result is that your watch looks and feels like a real 18k solid gold watch and has the identical weight as the original gold watch.

Maximum Brightness by SuperLuminova™ replica watches use multiple layers of SuperLuminova™ luminous coating for illuminating markings on watch dials and hands. SuperLuminova™ works like a light battery and after sufficient activation by sunlight or artificial light, it will glow in the dark twice as long as that of standard luminescent materials.

Superluminova Rolex Swiss Replica Watches

Our Rolex Swiss Replica watches are equipped with the new blue luminescent SuperLuminova™ Blue glow that lasts up to nine hours with uniform luminosity throughout.

Solid Ceramic Bezel and Case exclusively uses Isocera Ceramic by Cerasuisse that is 30% lighter than steel, 100% anti-allergenic, 100% unalterable and 100% rust-proof. This ceramic is light weight, scratch resistant, durable, and smooth to touch.

Ceramic Bezel Swiss Replica Watches

It achieves an extreme hardness level up to five times greater than steel and its color remains unaffected by ultraviolet rays. Our ceramic watch bezels and cases will look brand-new for a lifetime.

Sapphire Crystal – Smoothsap II Smoothsap II sapphire crystal is the second-hardest transparent substance on earth after diamond making it the perfect durable scratch-resistance surface to the watch dial.

Sapphire Crystal Replica Watches | Super Luminova Watches

Our Rolex sapphire crystal includes a 2.5x Cyclops date magnification lenses and a small laser-etched Rolex crown at the 6 O’clock which is virtually invisible to the naked eye. All date magnifications on our Swiss replica watches are 100% correct on every model and we use a both sides coated anti-reflective Sapphire crystal on certain models.

Moissanite Diamonds

With a refractive index of 2.65-2.69, Moissanite exhibits more brilliance than diamond! Moissanite is regarded as the ultimate diamond substitute because it shares 99.99% of the qualities of a real diamond. Every Moissanite diamond is hand-faceted by our master gem cutters to emulate the identical natural shine brilliance and spark found on a real diamond.

Rolex Diamonds Swiss Replica Watches

With its amazing fire and brilliance that will last forever, this unique created gemstone is making a spectacular statement at a fraction of the cost.

100% Identical Inside & Out Swiss hand crafted replica watches are indistinguishable to a genuine watch both inside and out. Swiss precision ensures that every dial, marker, engraving and numbering is 100% replicated down to an accuracy of a nanometer!

All replica watches are engraved with all the correct serial numbers which can be cross referenced. Solid 18k gold hour markers are used on Rolex replicas to prevent tarnishing! Laser precision text engravings and correct day-date fonts are used on each replica model. The Rolex symbol is stamped from an 18-carat gold strip and then sandblasted, blanked and polished.

Complete Box Set With Papers

Every Swiss replica watch comes with a luxury wooden clone box set. These complete box sets include an outer box sleeve, wooden or leather finish box, watch booklets, leather pouch, seal tags, product pamphlet, authenticity papers and international warranty card.

Rolex Watch Box

Everything is replicated from the genuine box set and you will be impressed by the quality of our box sets. With our Swiss made replica box sets your gift will sure look like a genuine watch and not a cheap replica.