The first polish is conducted after an hour of CNC cutting. Polishing the unfinished mold in between each process greatly increases accuracy to the designated spec. Although time consuming, it is an imminent step as the key to perfection. New dials with detailed prints, engravings & inserts 100% same as genuine.

Each Ultra Durable In-House Clone Swiss caliber is fine tuned at the final stage to ensure the time accuracy is within the Contrôle Officiel Suisse des Chronomètres standard of +6/-4 seconds per day using the most advanced digital Timegraphers. Also two testing machines simulate extreme “G-Forces” on the movement to assure flawless operation. A power drop machine simulates a three meter drop onto a wooden floor – a long standing Swiss standard is that a watch case and movement should withstand such a fall. The watch band is tested for strength and durability in our automatic Band Tester for 3 hours. A machine does torsion testing to test the straps strength and long term durability.